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Introduction of KSA

The Korean Securities Association was founded in 1976 to contribute to the development of the Korean securities industry and the Korean finance society by fostering academic and social activities among scholars and practitioners in the Korean securities market and financial industry. The KSA is the oldest and leading finance organization in Korea with 1,450 members.

The KSA publishes the Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies(AJFS), which was the first journal registered in the National Research Foundation of Korea. The AJFS is also the first Korean finance journal listed in SSCI among the number of Korean business and economics journals and Asian finance journals. Furthermore, the Journal was selected by the Korean Ministry of Education as one of the top five excellent journals in 2012.

The KSA contributes to the improvement of finance-related institutions and practices and to the development of pure academic research by emphasizing the relationship between the academics and the business practices. The KSA's main businesses include the publication of AJFS(six times a year), and the Korean Securities Journal(six times a year). We also host the international conference called CAFM every December, the domestic conferences(three times a year), symposiums(five times a year), "Saranbang" policy and practice seminars(five times a year), and academic seminars(six times a year). In addition, we publish the KSA newsletter three times a year, and support a number of research grants and consulting businesses for the member scholars.