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Special Issue of Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies (AJFS 2022 June Issue)

   Korean Securities Association is pleased to announce the Special Issue

   of Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies (AJFS 2022 June Issue)

  -Sustainable Finance


     (without order)    

    - Corporate Social Irresponsibility and Firm Value: International Evidence from Media Coverage

    - Firm Misvaluation and Corporate Social Responsibility

    - Research and Development Expenditure, Audit Fees, and Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure:

      Evidence from Chinese Listed Firms

    - Early Financial Education, Financial Literacy, and Gender Equity in Finance                 

    - How does Corporate Social Responsibility Affect CDS Spreads?

   - ​The Impact of Directors Foreign Experience on Environmental Information Disclosure: Evidence from

      Heavily Chinese Polluted Firms



   Korean Securities Association