Call for Papers_Special_Issue on Finance and Ethics in AJFS2016



Special Issue of

Asia–Pacific Journal of Financial Studies

on  Finance  and Ethics

Special Issue Editor: Hoje Jo

Santa Clara University


Asia–Pacific Journal of Financial Studies (AJFS) invites manuscripts for a special issue on Finance and Ethics and related issues, scheduled for publication in 2017. AJFS has been published since 1980 by the Korean Securities Association (KSA), the oldest and largest academic organization of finance scholars and practitioners in Korea. AJFS became the first finance journal published in Asia covered by the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) in 2006. Visit and for additional information about the Journal.

Until now, finance, in general, traditionally emphasized the shareholder wealth maximization view. Recently, however, financial economists are beginning to be aware of the importance of various stakeholders’ demands and are examining diverse aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in accounting, business ethics, economics, finance, management, and marketing. CSR has continued to be a highly popular, but contentious, subject over the previous three decades in academic research. Corporations across the globe have become more alert on CSR issues since CSR can be considered as important non-financial information.

The special issue is devoted to the empirical and theoretical studies of these and other related issues, both positive and normative.

Examples of relevant topics may include, but not limited to:

-CSR and corporate governance
-The impact of investment and financing on CSR
-CSR and Insider trading
-CEO characteristics, CEO leadership, and CSR
-CSR and dividend policy
-CSR and information asymmetry
-CSR and agency problems
-CSR and institutional ownership
-CSR and analyst coverage
-CSR and firm risk across countries
-CSR and firm value and/or financial performance across countries
-CSR, finance, and religion.
-CSR and disclosure
-CSR and earnings management
-CSR and mergers and acquisitions
-CSR and managerial compensation
-CSR and liquidity
-CSR and product market competition
-CSR and political connection
-CSR and equity offering
-CSR and firm reputation
-CSR, board leadership and corporate culture
-Corporate environmental responsibility (CER) and financial performance
-CER and firm risk
-CER and firm reputation
-CER and reputational risk
-Employee relations and firm risk
-Employee relations and firm value/performance
-Causes and consequences of Microfinancing
-Dark side of Microfinancing
-Microfinancing and regulation
-Socially responsible banking
-Ethics in corporate finance
-Ethics in finance
-Ethics in accounting
-Ethics in stock markets
-Ethics and the purpose of the firm
-Ethics and globalization
-Ethics in risk management and reputation
-Aligning shareholders’ and stakeholders’ interests
-The role of the CEO in designing an ethical organization
-Situations of conflict and stakeholder engagement
-Fiduciary duties and shareholder activism
-Socially responsible investing
-Opportunities for doing well by doing good
-Shared value strategies
-Social initiatives and social value creation
-Social entrepreneurship
-Strategic responses to social and environmental demands
-Value creation and stakeholder management


Up to eight papers will be selected for the Special Issue and US$1,000 (or 1,000,000 KRW) award will be granted to each selected paper.


All manuscripts must be in English and include an abstract of fewer than 500 words. The cover page should contain the paper’s title, the author’s name, affiliation, address, and e–mail address. The second page should contain only the paper’s title and abstract. All manuscripts should be submitted in PDF format by August 31, 2016. No submission fee is required. We expect to complete the review process and notify the result by December 31, 2016.




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