Registration 2021

16th Annual Conference on Asia-Pacific Financial Markets
(CAFM 2021)
December 3~4, 2021
Westin Chosun Hotel, Seoul, Korea and via Zoom


Although the COVID-19 pandemic hits around the world, you can join CAFM 2021 either on-site at the Western Chosun Hotel on December 3rd and 4th, 2021 in Seoul, Korea or via Zoom.
Click here to register for the Conference by November 25th, 2021 (

Due to the travel restriction with 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Korea, if you reside abroad and plan to have on-site participation, you will need to arrive in Seoul by Friday morning of November 19th, 2021 to complete the quarantine obligation. For those who are already in Korea, please note that there are limited seats for the maximum of 100 for on-site registration with a fee of USD100. On-site registered participants can secure their spot to the luncheon with keynote address, the farewell dinner with the award ceremony, and several coffee breaks.

You can still participate at CAFM 2021 on-line via Zoom. The fee for online participation is USD50, while the fee is reduced at USD25 to the member of Korean Securities Association.

This year, the CAFM conference features

■ Keynote Address
Itay Goldstein (University of Pennsylvania), “Information in Financial Markets and Its Real Effects”

■ Guest Lecture
Morten Bennedsen (University of Copenhagen and INSEAD), “Family Firms in Emerging Markets”

The conference consists of 18 main program sessions and 2 doctoral student sessions. More detailed information on the conference program will be available online soon at the session overview site, where only registered participants can have access to the papers.

If you are not a registered user, you will be asked to create your account by completing your personal information, and then go to “Register as Participant” menu to pre-register before November 25th, 2021.
For more information, please contact us by sending an email to

Thank you very much, and we will look forward to welcoming you here in Seoul!


Kwangwoo Park, President, Korean Securities Association
Junghoon Seon, Program Chair, CAFM 2021