Accommodation 2019

Transportation from Incheon International Airport to
The Westion Chosun, Seoul

Travel Time

Typical: 1 hour 10 min. / Rush Hour: Over 2 hours

KAL Limousine Bus

- Bus Stop: No 4A on the first floor of the Airport Building (outdoor bus arrival area)  
- You can buy tickets at the airport limousine counters or directly from limousine drivers upon boarding.
- Fare 16,000

1) Incheon International Airport to The Westin Chosun
First Bus 04:50/Last Bus 22:49(4A)

2) The Westin Chosun to Incheon International Airport
 First Bus 05:03 / Last Bus 18:38 / Interval: 20 min.

Subway Train

- Fare : 3,800 from Incheon International Airport to City Hall Station
 - Direction

  • Take AREX at Incheon International Airport Station bound for Hong Ik University
  • At Hong Ik Univ Station, Transfer to Transit Line Number 2 toward City hall
  • Get off at City Hall Station
  • Walking distance to the Westin Chosun Hotel

- Travel Time: 90 minutes

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