Special Issue of Asia–Pacific Journal of Financial Studies (AJFS 2021 April Issue)
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등록시간: 2020-12-30 18:20:13

   Korean Securities Association is pleased to announce the Special Issue

   of Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies (AJFS 2021 April Issue)

   -Corporate Finance in Emerging Markets


    (without order)


   - Social Capital and Firm Innovation: Evidence from Cooperative Banking in Korea

   - CSI Index Reconstitutions: A Quasi-Natural Experiment in China

   - Pension fund monitoring and corporate debt policy: Evidence from the Korean market

   - Non-Traditional Banking Activities and Bank Financial Reporting Quality

  ​ - The ex-ante effect of law and Judicial efficiency on borrower discouragement: An international Evidence

   - Are Non-controlling Foreign Institutional Investors a Friend or Foe to Equity Liquidity?  Evidence from China



  Korean Securities Association

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