2016 Best Paper in Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies
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Korean Securities Association is pleased to announce the 2016 Best Paper in
Asia–Pacific Journal of Financial Studies.


       The First Prize :


                "The Effect of Corporate Governance on Corporate Social Responsibility"

                   Pandej Chintrakarn (Mahidol University International College)

                   Pornsit Jiraporn (Pennsylvania State University)

                  Jang-Chul Kim (Northern Kentucky University)

                  Young Sang Kim (Northern Kentucky University)


        The Second Prize : 


               "Investment Financing of Organizational Capital"

                  Daniel X. Jiang (Pennsylvania State University)

                  Miao Luo (Sun Yat-Sen University)

                  Jun Cai (City University of Hong Kong)


       Best Reviewer Award :


            - Jaewoo Kim (University of  Rochester)

            - Wenrui Zhang (Chinese University of  Hong Kong)


Manuscripts published in Volume 45 of Asia–Pacific Journal of Financial Studies

were eligible for the Best Paper Prize.


The presentation of the prize was made at the KSA annual meeting on February 24, 2017.



Korean Securities Association



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